WPF Tutorial Code Samples & PDF

TL;DR: Buy the WPF Ultimate Package to easily work with all the code samples of this tutorial and read the articles without being disturbed by ads, either in the included Tutorial Browser or PDF file!

Hopefully you have already learned a lot from browsing this comprehensive online WPF tutorial, but if you're serious about learning WPF, you need an upgrade!

We have built this tutorial on a foundation of a LOT of code examples, which will help you get a much better understanding of how everything WPF-related works. In fact, there's currently a total of code 190 samples to be found within all the articles of this websites, but you have to manually copy/paste them into your editor if you want to experiment with them.

However, with the WPF Ultimate Package, we have turned this around. Allow us to introduce the WPF Tutorial Browser:

WPF Tutorial Browser

With the included Tutorial Browser, we integrate the code samples with their articles, for easy reading, understanding and testing:

  • Read all the articles, in the intented order, completely without ads
  • Read all the code samples, both XAML and C#, side-by-side
  • Quickly run any included sample to see how it looks and works
  • Easily search through all the content of the tutorial using the fast search box

Visual Studio Solution

Want to continue working with any of the included samples through your favorite IDE? No problem, we have included all the samples as a Visual Studio Solution.

PDF version

Do you want to read the tutorial on the go, e.g. on a mobile device or a tablet? No problem, the entire tutorial is included in PDF format, for you to enjoy anywhere.

Complete C# Tutorial

As you probably know, WPF is equal parts XAML (markup/design) and C# (code-behind). You will learn XAML from this tutorial, but if you really want to master WPF, you need a good understanding of C# as well. With the WPF Ultimate Package, we've got you covered - it includes a complete C# tutorial. Here's a complete overview of what's included in the C# package.


Ever wanted to learn how to make a game? WPF and C# is a great way to get started, and in the WPF Ultimate Package, we include the complete source code for a Snake game, along with a step-by-step walkthrough of how we create it. Every step includes a sample, allowing you to see how we add new functionality in each iteration.


Here's all the great content you get when buying the WPF Ultimate Package:

  • 190 WPF code samples
  • 530 pages of WPF tutorial in PDF format
  • 150 C# code samples
  • 230 pages of C# tutorial in PDF format
  • ...and a specially designed Tutorial Browser to consume it all

Available WPF Tutorial Packages

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WPF Code Samples

WPF + C# PDF's


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C# Tutorial PDF
230 pages
C# Code Samples
150 samples
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WPF Code Samples

  • 190 code samples
  • A nice sample browser to navigate the samples
  • Play with all the code and learn from the changes you made
  • Ready to load and run in Visual Studio (any version, including VS Community)

WPF tutorial PDF

  • A complete WPF tutorial
  • Read through the entire tutorial on your computer, tablet or phone in one single file
  • More than 530 pages of WPF learning material in total

C# tutorial PDF

  • A complete C# tutorial
  • Read through the entire tutorial on your computer, tablet or phone in one single file
  • Almost 230 pages of C# learning material in total

C# Code Samples

...or get the complete WPF package for free!

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